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Putty, ssh and key-based authentication

Folks - I'm really looking to schedule scripted scp backups of configs.


To this end, I've generated a private key using puttygen, and loaded the public key on a 200D


set ssh-public-key1 "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAo3kJzIWxYYjCeLeWupefDBdMx+GRPZVUNaD/5ZBcAHGnnmHc2msudNb4Vxa86uMUvApWhjaMwp8lnnG+Ig90FV3zt3wx2siqKlyTZDIlDDr3NIVQaxBjyV0HwnAPcMUbm23mxV3g36EAkGc3BXONUBx3PxxCAPCEh3FqLHJda/o1gfGHnPyuO9T+3KzxJqPsl42ldQLkDb8Cn8klrWJyuCzxh1rDYVYOd/XxtLDNQzsDC9oHajA9f2bK2lwEtewa134Dj2T1iQohJIiC9O7xnEakDErTFtKaR1xZrGx87RAIRWTrgSo/MPoUiZHDp5CfERyp1CB2tv5hW06OFymVrQ=="


Point to the private key in putty, set the user, but only receive a cryptic 'server refused our key' back from putty.


Is there any way to log on the 200D side why the key is not being accepted? Or any other approach I should try?


Many thanks for any insight you might offer.


Cheers - Pete

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