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LAN and WAN application access failure

good day engineers.


i have a fortigate 900D that i configured an interface 12.X.X.1 i want to direct traffic through this port to the internet(, LAN and WAN. i have configured on a client machine(test machine) the default gateway to point to the fortigate interface. this has given me positive results in connecting to through forti gateway. however a new problem has started which i'm failing to understand.

1) i can ping, tracert and telnet to all WAN and LAN resources, meaning all my layer 3 is correct if i capture packets i can see traffic from user computer with syn and ack from target resources, for example a content server and a printer

 the strange part is i cannot run the application to open the content server which i access on port 80 through a browser. but i can telnet to the same content server on port 80 and connection established.


i cannot print despite the fact that i can ping the print server.


i have a rule that allows traffic to the Lan and one for the WAN. i allowed ALL services for test purposes and will lock down once i i can get a working set up.


may i please know where or what i need to configure to pass this hurdle. i am kind of desperate and time is not favouring me so i will be grateful for any speedy response.


Kind regards


Forti guy


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