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FortiOS 5.4 and ECMP settings?

I have installed 5.4GA on a test 60D unit, all is kind of okay, i have turned on Advanced Routing under features.. i see no place though where i can configure ECMP (inc. health monitor)? does anyone know where this feature has gone?! it used to be under settings in Static routing on 5.2... but is missing on 5.4 even when Advanced routing is turned off..

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Create a zone called OUTSIDE....throw both of your WAN ports in it.


Have default routes for each link (with the backup link having higher AD / Priority)


Configure link monitoring (config system link-monitor) and set a link fail monitor for each interface.


When WAN1 (or whatever your preferred WAN is) fails the check (can't ping google or whatever server you put in there) enough to cross the threshold the link monitor will yank the static route and use the backup link.


I deploy this for all of my multi circuit clients that want the secondary circuit (usually slower) for failover only.

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Thanks for the advice. This way seems so much simpler.


The WAN LLB doesn't seem to respect the priority you set, it only relies on the load balancing algorithm. I am working with a spillover so far, having it set at the top of my main line's bandwidth which does the job but I am not safe if I want to explicitly use only 1 interface

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