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FortiGate 60D - NAT performance?

Hello guys!


What is in your experience/opinion the maximum throughput (bandwidth performance) of a 60D?


I configured one with two virtual networks, simple NAT routing, almost no rules or features, but I can't get speed higher than 150 Mbps? Nevertheless, the CPU load only comes to 50% so CPU doesn't look like the bottleneck in this case.


Do you have a 60D should be capable of routing a 500 Mbps uplink, with NAT and a few simple firewall rules?

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You are trying to route between two VLANs and are only getting 150 Mbps?


It should handle that.


Now if you are routing out to the internet over a fast enough pipe Mine would peg at like 130-150 had some UTM on it though

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We don't specifically test NAT but it shouldn't affect much to its performance. Our iperf test without NAT is below:

No VPN: up to 500Mbps before starts showing significant packet drops

with IPSec: up to 300Mbps before ...(ditto)

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Forgot to mention...above test is conducted with simultaneous upload and download UDP streams. A regular speed test is one direction at a time.

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