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FortiOS 5.4.2 release date

Hi to everyone,

we are plan to update our FortiGate 500D in HA Cluster to 5.4, have you a release date for 5.4.2?

We are waiting for this release from May 2016 for a bug fix on CLI.





Fortinet NSE4

Fortinet NSE4

I see a lot of things in there like this:


Under SSL VPN known issues


The Start Tunnel feature may have been removed.

Well was it or was it not? This is like when I see people post on Facebook 'I may or may not have just done this...' meaning that they did but want to sound fancy or something.


and no 60\61E version...


an impressive 15 pages of bug fixes mitigated by a depressing 7 pages of known issues

Fortinet Expert partner - Norway

NSE8Fortinet Expert partner - Norway

The lack of 60/61E in the 5.4.2 release is......disappointing.

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It looks like some of the documentation related to upgrading to 5.4.2 is not finished yet.


The Upgrade Path for FortiOS doesn't yet list 5.4.2.


The Release Notes say things like: "FortiOS version 5.4.2 officially supports upgrading from version 5.4.0 and 5.2.7."  I would hope upgrading from 5.4.1 would work!


The Cooperative Security Fabric has only had its title changed to reference 5.4.2.  The 5.4.2 version isn't referenced anywhere else in the document.


I really want to see the Cooperative Security Fabric document and the Upgrade Path both updated before trying this. Important to know, for instance, if a 5.4.2 FGT can work correctly with 5.4.1 FortiClient, FortiAnalyzer, or FortiAP. Also if a 5.4.2 FGT will have any problems with IPSec VPN to a 5.4.1 FGT.

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The Upgrade Path ( for FortiOS was updated and the FortiOS 5.4.2 Release Notes ( was also updated.



The Upgrade Path now says that you can upgrade from 5.2.7, 5.2.8, 5.2.9, or 5.4.1 directly to 5.4.2.  However, it only shows 5.4.0 upgrading to 5.4.1, not 5.4.2, so maybe that's supposed to be a two step upgrade.


The Release Notes don't match the Upgrade Path.  The Release Notes now state: "supports upgrading from version 5.4.0 and later and 5.2.8 and later."  That implies you can upgrade directly to 5.4.2 from 5.4.0 and can't upgrade directly from 5.2.7 -- both disagreeing with the Upgrade Path.


The Release Notes still don't say which versions of FortiAnalyzer 5.4.2 FortiGates are compatible with.  The link to only refers to 5.4.1 or earlier.


The Release Notes do say that 5.4.2 should be compatible with FortiClient 5.4.1 and FortiAP 5.4.1.


Looks like 5.4.2 firmware has not been released (yet?) for various hardware beyond the 60/61E, like the 90E, 2000E, 2500E, and perhaps some others.


Anybody tried out 5.4.2 yet?  How did it go?

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Installing 5.4.2 on my 51E at the moment.


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Upgrade Path at has been updated to show that you can update from 5.4.0 directly to 5.4.2, and that upgrading from 5.2.7 requires updating to 5.2.9 before upgrading to 5.4.2.


So the Release Notes and the Upgrade Path now match.


I heard early 2017 from some sources within FortiNet.


I am assuming that is a projected date and hopefully we get it released before the end of the year. 




Any chance to get the build for 61E device ??




HASubmit Post

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I have updated one FortiWifi 30D and a Fortigate 60D.

After the Update all Passwords are false (PSK VPN, SNMP, SMTP, local User) and no function on that. After manually change the Password the Problem was solved.


Have any other seen the same issue?





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