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FortiOS 5.2.12 is out!

What about new 5.2.12 firmware?

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I have it installed at 2 sites with no problems.  Its going to solve some auditor/scanning problems with the CVE's that it fixed.

-rd 2x 200D Clusters 1x 100D

1x 60D FortiOS 5.2 FortiAP 221C FAZ 200D


Installed it on many devices, so far no problem


I've also installed the 5.2.12 yesterday on a 60D and seen no problems at the moment.

Upgrading now the FWF60D.


Upgrade on FWF60D also fine. No problems.


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I have found many fixes that have addressed issues that have plagued my many thousand firewalls that are managed.  There was a bug fix that addressed my trusthost issues where when I unset a trust host it would set it to rather than null.  Additionally when we would set new routes they would not restart the route daemon and thus leave my route map not updated.  Based on the mass of vulnerability and exposure fixes I also found this update necessary.   


At this point we have several hundred boxes staying stable for over a month with this release.

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Hi, anyone from this thread upgraded to 5.2.13? Thanks.

José Ignacio Martín Jiménez

I have upgraded my FWF60D since a few weeks to 5.2.13 and so far no problems at the time. The FGT60D is still pending and will be upgraded in a few days.

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I have 3 FGT at 5.2.13 (80C, 90D and 200B) and no problem so far only bug fixes. Planning to upgrade another 200B and a 600D in the next few weeks.

Fortigate : 80E, 80F, 100E, 200F, 300E : 6.4.6

FortiAnalyzer, ForticlientEMS

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