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FortiNAC-F 7.4 supported devices

Hello team.
where I can download updated files with list (full) network devices are supported by FortiNAC-F 7.4
thanks a lot!


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Hi @Michael101 ,


You can access the information that you need via the reference link below.


You can also find the possible OID values that can be used for the devices you can manage in versions with 8.X via the reference link below.





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Atakan Atak
Atakan Atak

FNAC can integrate with a wide range of vendors and models. A major part of devices that share the same characteristics are integrated using on of the similar devices of the same family used for Mapping.

manual mapping.PNG

To avoid confusion there is no public list of supported devices, most popular device models can be tracked through release notes. You can follow the steps of this article and open a ticket with TAC support to get a correct/updated confirmation.

- Emirjon
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