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FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer Firmware Upgrade Path

Hi we want to upgrade 

FortiManager from v6.2.9 to v6.4.11 and 

FortiAnalyzer from 6.2.9 to v7.0.7.

But from support portal we cannot check like we usually check for FortiGate device.


For FortiManager according to this link
I need to follow 6.2.9 > 6.2.10 > 6.4.0 > 6.4.11 . Is my understanding correct?


For FortiAnalyzer according to this link

I need to upgrade 6.2.9 > 6.4.0 then can I directly upgrade to 7.0.7 or should I upgrade to 6.4.9 first and then go to 7.0.7 ?

6.2.9 > 6.4.0 > 7.0.7 or  6.2.9 > 6.4.0 > 6.4.9 > 7.0.7 ?




Please guide me . thank you



Why not upgrade manager to 7.0 as well?  The order should be FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, and then managed devices.  FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer should be kept on the same firmware releases.

FortiManager you can go from 6.2.9 directly to 6.4.11, check the "Upgrade from" Field in the link you posted.  

FortiAnalyzer you need to go to latest 6.4 then up to 7.0.7


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