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FortiManager - FSSO connectors on different FortiGates pointing to different LDAP servers

Hi everyone,

We are experiencing a problem with a customer's FortiManager, version 7.4.2, ADOM version 7.4.

We have the following scenario:

  1. FortiGate A with FSSO connector A pointing to LDAP server A;
  2. FortiGate B with FSSO connector B pointing to LDAP server B.

When we import FortiGate A into FortiManager, everything is good. Looking under "config user adgrp" we see all groups that are seen by the FSSO connector A.

Once we import FortiGate B into FortiManager, the same AD groups are imported and they overwrite the existing ones. If we look at "config user adgrp" again, we see that now all groups point to FSSO connector B. If we proceed and install the policy package on FortiGate A, now the FSSO connector B is created into FortiGate A and, in order to read the AD groups, FortiGate A needs to communicate with FSSO B and so with LDAP server B.

We would like to make it so that on FortiGate A all groups are read through FSSO A, while the same groups must be seen by FortiGate B via FSSO B.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? Is there a way to circumvent this?

Thanks in advance,

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