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FortiManager - Adding FortiGates with IPsec VPNs?

Hi all!

I've added some FortiGates (running 7.0.9) to a FortiManager (running 7.2.2). All appears to be well apart from the IPsec VPN config.

In FortiManager, when I go to VPN Manager > IPsec VPN > Monitor, I can see all the configured tunnels with the gateways and phase 2 names listed.

However, I don't see where this is actually configured in FortiManager?

I get that if setting up and NEW VPN I need to create a VPN community and so on, but how does it work for an existing FortiGate that had existing VPNs that has been added to FMG?

Am I being blind? Sure I don't have to set up the VPNs again from scratch in FMG?

Any advice is very much appreciated!

Thank in advance.

omegle xender

I am fairly certain there is no way to import existing tunnels into VPN Manager. So yes you need to create new tunnels and effectively start fresh. But honestly when using VPN Manager it's probably easier to just create new ones anyway because you have to do the work to define the communities and gateways regardless.


Once the new tunnels are pushed out to the existing FortiGates you can use routing protocols or SD-WAN to ensure a smooth migration over to the new tunnels. And then when everything is confirmed OK just delete the old tunnels.


Should be relatively painless..


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