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FortiGuest - Certificate Error on Guest Laptop

Hi Everyone,


I am requesting assistance on a FortiGuest Issue as I have not been able to get the right outcome with this issue.



FortiGuest (standalone VM) is configured to host Guest Portal.

The guest portal functionality works fine. The issue is with the user experiences.

When user connects to the Guest SSID, they would get redirected to the Fortiguest URL.

However the FortiGuest URL prompts a SSL error " Your Connection is not Private".

I have checked and found that the certificate that is being presented to the user when the url is accessed is not complete. It only presents the server certificate and not the root/intermediate certificate.

I had already installed the root and CA to the trusted CA certificates.


From my understanding the URL that we are accessing should be presenting the Server Cert, Intermediate, root but in this case it is not doing that. This certificate is signed by a public certificate provider (Sectigo).

1. Do I need to bundle the root, intermediary cert to the server cert and then only upload?

2. How can I make the https://Fortiguest url present the intermediary certificates?


Appreciate your help as this is getting urgent from my end.



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I have tried the following:

1. Brand new cert from a different provider.

2. Rebooted.

3. Checked all the configurations.


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