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FortiGate Proxy Configuration


We are currently experiencing an issue with the FortiGate proxy. We are attempting to install an application called PaperCut Hive. During the installation process, the application needs to contact an external server to retrieve the installation package. However, we have encountered a problem where the proxy is blocking the application during installation. As a test, we disabled the proxy, and the application installed successfully without any issues.

Is there a way to configure the proxy to allow the application to establish a connection with the server during installation? vshare

What do the FortiGate logs state?

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To configure the FortiGate proxy to allow the application to establish a connection with the server during installation, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to the FortiGate web interface using your administrative credentials.

2. Navigate to the "Policy & Objects" section and select "Proxy Options" or "Proxy Settings."

3. In the proxy settings, you will find various options related to proxy behavior. Look for options such as "URL Filtering," "Web Filtering," or "Application Control." These options might vary depending on the firmware version of your FortiGate device.

4. Check if there are any URL or application filtering profiles enabled that could be blocking the connection to the external server. If such profiles exist, you will need to modify them to allow access to the necessary server for the PaperCut Hive installation.

5. Locate the specific URL or domain that the PaperCut Hive application needs to access during installation. This information may be provided in the application's documentation or installation instructions.

6. Once you have identified the URL or domain, you can create a new URL filter or application control rule to allow access to it. This rule should be configured to bypass any filtering or blocking mechanisms for that particular URL or application.

7. Configure the URL filter or application control rule to allow the necessary protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, etc.) and specify the destination URL or domain that the PaperCut Hive installation requires.

8. Apply the changes and save the configuration.

9. Test the installation process again with the proxy enabled to ensure that the application can establish a connection with the external server successfully.

By configuring the FortiGate proxy settings to allow access to the specific server or URL required for the PaperCut Hive installation, you should be able to resolve the issue and allow the application to connect without any problems.


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