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FortiGate HA Pair (Active/Passive) FortiOS Upgrade Behaviour

We have a FortiGate HA pair running active/passive in Azure using the Azure SDN connector and managed by FortiManager.

What is the best practise upgrade process, just initiate from FMG? Is there a better way from the FGs directly?

What is the expected behaviour? I’m thinking the active gets upgraded and goes down, passive kicks in, active comes back up and takes over, passive gets upgraded?

Thanks in advance.


Dear peter887,


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Problem Description:-
FortiGate HA Pair (Active/Passive) FortiOS Upgrade Behaviour

As per your description you want to know the best practices for FGT upgrade in HA cluster.


Please go through the link for your reference on how firmware upgrade works in HA cluster


Let us know if this helps.


Salon Raj Joshi