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Install do not complete : FortiPortal Database Migration Exception Display Page

I've installed FortiPortal and it didn't complete 100% fine.


env : ESXi 6.5 with enough ressources

Version : FPC_VM64-v5.2.1-build0231-release-Portal.out.ovf


I was able to use the console to setup a static IP but then instead of the web login prompt I've the Following page :


FortiPortal Database Migration Exception Display Page

Before FortiPortal Web Application(FortiPortal) gets deployed, there is a database migration process, which ensures that connection to your database is correct, its schema is updated.

During the migration process, if some exceptions happen, FortiPortal will not be launched. Those exceptions which prevent FortiPortal from launching will be displayed below.

If it is needed to fallback to previous version, please log into admin portal (port:4443), and upload previous .out image file. Portal should resume. No other change required.


Could not connect to sql database, database might not be on or incorrect jdbc url. Run db_migration failed.



During the installation I got an error message on the console which I guess is related :


Any idea ?


(I've used the same 6.5 ESXi to install FortiAnalyser and FortiManager successfully the same day)


Thanks in advance for your lights !



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I've done the VM deployment again and this time I Don't have the error message during the installation BUT I still get the same 

FortiPortal Database Migration Exception Display Page

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Pb solved. FortiPortal DB reinstallation solved.

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Hi there!


Do you have the baby steps for this issue?

How did you solve it?

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