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FortiGate / FortiOS 7.4 official release!

Fortinet published the new major release 7.4!


FortiOS 7.4

7.4.0 release date: May 11th, 2023

7.4.1 next release


Recommended (Mature) Releases Overview
FortiOS Support Lifecycle


FortiGate demo (login: demo, password: demo) still runs on v7.2.4


Hello Danny,


Thank you for sharing this useful information on the forums.


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Klint George

Klint George
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Thank you for this information. I'm just starting to test FortiOS 7.4 in my lab.

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& it supports the 70f, current branch firmware at last. Now to see what the official upgrade route for those machines is..


oh as of at the moment there doesn't appear to be one :(

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If there is no upgrade route, does that mean wipe and rebuild?  I hope not!

If I upgrade before a path is ready, does it lose all the configuration?  Or just what is different?

I am new to Fortigate, have a 70F, I guess just checking the upgrade path tool from support is how to know when it is ready.  That and this forum.   Itching to get to latest features and the bug fixes applied. 

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I'm experiencing a couple of issues since upgrading. Firstly, my IPSec tunnels are dropping throughout the day (approx. 5-10 times) with error "Received ESP packet with unknown SPI". Also, the Interface Pair View seems to be broken in both the New and Classic layouts.

I have some cases open and am waiting for a response. Others may want to avoid upgrading if these are important features.