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FortiGate 800c GUI is very slow after upgrading from 5.2.4 to 5.4.2

Hi all,


i have 2 FGT 800C running in HA mode Active-Active before 3 days ago i have upgraded the firmware from 5.2.4 to 5.4.2 using proper upgrade path which provided by fortinet 5.2.4 > 5.2.6 > 5.2.9 > 5.4.2, after upgrading the firmware i noticed that FGT GUI is very very slow especially when i navigate to polices page took like 3 to 5 mints to open. i have opened ticket with foritnet support and waiting for their reply, did anyone faced this issue?


Note: i changed the HA mode to Active-Passive, matched HA Hash, and restarted the both units.


Thank you.

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mahesh secure


i did it, still lagging and glitching specially ( address & policy pages) 


 Foritnet support team advised:

- How you are accessing Web-GUI either by VPN, Public IP or Internally (LAN).  - Also when you are checking keep the "httpsd" on check with multiple browser by clearing there browsing history.  - In FGT Web-GUI you are facing slowness with specific page i.e "Policy Page", "Interface Page" or the complete GUI


Please provide the output of below mentioned commands again.  # diag debug reset  # diag debug disable  # diag debug enable  # diag web-ui debug enable  # diag debug application httpsd -1  Once done collecting logs  # di de reset  # di de disable ---> to disable  # exec tac report  ** Run the command di sys top-summary again  ** See the process id (PID) for httpsd  ** Kill it using the following command and try to access web GUI again,  diagnose sys kill 11 <PID>  PID RSS CPU% ^MEM% FDS TIME+ NAME  84 78M 0.0 1.0 20 00:13.45 httpsd [x4]  Then check the performance again of GUI. 

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Hello, I have been testing since this problem is presented in all 5.4.x and 5.6.0 versions and in several small, medium and large Fortigate models, C, D and E series. Finally I discovered that if the GUI works well if you use a MAC (hardware and Software) but in linux, windows is very slow GUI. Someone else has performed these tests.

Francisco Beltran NetSecure

Francisco Beltran NetSecure

We also have this bug with horribly slow GUI with multiple browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome) after upgrading multiple firewalls to 5.4.5. For us, it seems this happens only with remotely authenticated users. Users which are configured locally on the Firewall (e.g. as fallback user in case remote authentication fails) do not seem to be affected. We also have tested a variety of browsers (Opera, Maxthon, etc.), and it seems as of now that the "Iron" Browser is not affected by this Issue.


It can be found as pretty small and easily-installable portable version here: or as non-portable version here:

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After upgrade from 5.6.7 to 6.2.3 , WebUI is very slow

its an internal bug according to Forti-TAC , no workaround

I cannot believe Fortinet is still fighting this bug ...

I hope they release 6.2.4 for FGT6KF and fix this bug in this version !!




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