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FortiExtender FEX-20D with Huawei 4G E3372

Hello everyone


does anybody have the above combination running successfully?

The E3372 is supported with firmware 3.0.1 - but does not seem to work.

Also a VERY old Modem (E173) is NOT connecting at all.

As from the LEDs it seems everything is OK.

We also get a "tunnel IP" from the Fortiextender - but no data at all is flowing.

On the FEX20D on the shell we even see "connected with 150mbps" ...


Anybody having a hint here?


Fortigate 80D - F/W 5.4.1

FortiExtender 20D - F/W 3.0.1


Thanks in advance

Joerg Hermanns


There have been updates to FortiExtender firmware to address this... Have you contacted Fortinet Support?  if so please post your ticket # here for investigation.  

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FWIW, I once got the Huawei E173 working with a FEX-20A, v2.0. The main point is to switch the stick from 'mass storage mode' to 'modem mode'. That's what the 'USB string' is for but it didn't work then. Finally, I put the stick on a PC and switched the mode using the supplied mgmt software (? from Vodafone or Huawei, too long ago). After that, it just worked.

Generally, modem stick + FEX is quite a nightmare. But, when it work it works.


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