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FortiExtender 40D AMEU no LTE connecntion



i'm currently struggling to set up a FortiExtender so that I can establish an LTE connection with my Telekom SIM card in Germany.

I've already tried the following:
- complete settings reset (factory reset)
- Plan set up with information for APN (internet.v6.telekom and internet.telekom)
- Firmware updates (v4.1.9-build0318) and modem firmware (19.0.0 Europe) to current versions


I get the following error message:

Failure Code: 0xE00A - IPV4 is down and IPV6 is up
Failure Code: 0xE009 - IPV4 and IPV6 is down
Failure Type: Call Manager defined
Failure Reason: NO SRV: data call is brought down because traffic channel request got rejected by CM(Call Manager) since device has no service


I have already managed to get a FortiExtender online after several attempts - but with the America modem firmware.

with the second one - no chance - other SIM Cards like Telefonica works.




many thanks in advance



When configuring a FortiExtender with a Telekom SIM card in Germany, the primary concern is to ensure the correct APN settings. Both internet.v6.telekom and internet.telekom have been tried, but it's crucial to confirm these with Telekom directly, especially if additional details like a username or password are needed. Also, ensure the SIM card is both activated and capable of data service by testing it in another device. While you've mentioned success with the America modem firmware, it's peculiar since LTE bands differ between the USA and Germany; reverting or updating the firmware might help. Signal strength is a vital factor; a weak signal can hinder a stable LTE connection, so consider positioning the FortiExtender optimally or using an external antenna. Check for potential device or carrier locks and verify the FortiExtender supports Telekom's specific LTE bands in Germany. Physical aspects, like the proper insertion of the SIM card and its condition, are also crucial. For a deeper dive, diagnostic tools and logs on the FortiExtender can offer more insights. If challenges persist, reaching out to Fortinet's technical support and Telekom's support might provide tailored solutions, as they could be aware of specific nuances or challenges related to the hardware or network.

Siddhanth Poojary

Thanks for your reply.


Yes, i have tried the correct APN Settings with Username and Passwort, but no connection.

I already tried the SIM-Card with other devices and it worked perfectly.

The Firmware of the FortiExtender are up to date. I tried both. America and Europe Firmware.
My working Extender has a good signal strength, so the other one has to work too.

Where I can find more Information or Logs instead of the Dashboard with error message in the first post?



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in case this helps anyone,after trying many settings, this worked for me with Telekom Data SIM.

I got an IPv4 (10.x.x.x) only, so set pdn ipv4 should work also.

config lte plan
edit Telekom
set modem modem1
set type by-carrier
set carrier T-Mobile-EU
set apn internet.telekom
set auth PAP
set user telekom
set pwd tm
set pdn ipv4-ipv6
set signal-threshold -100
set signal-period 3600
set capacity 0
set monthly-fee 0
set billing-date 1
set overage enable
set preferred-subnet 0
set private-network disable
set session-dial-timeout 0





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