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FortiEMS claims it can't deploy due to no licenses.

We have FortiEMS installed and have been using it quite successfully to push out FortiClient and policy.  Amazed at how well it works.    Until Friday.


We tried to push to some clients and it never happened.  Usually it's almost instant.  We found in the logs, every 5 minutes this:

Warning   Deployment Service   There are no licenses available, so no new deployment will occur.   But the license page says (even after a refresh) we have used 127 of 700 licenses, and the Fabric Agent license is good until next March.   Anyone seen this or know where to start?   Figured I'd give the forums a go - usually 5 minutes after I post here I figure it out! :)    
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Hi Dan.


I had a similar issue to what you describe.


We look after a FortiCLient EMS server running 6.2.7 for a customer.

Initially it had a 25 x Fabric Agent trial license applied. The customer started deploying and testing using this license.

Before all the license block was used up it was removed and the full 450 x Fabric/Sandbox Cloud license applied.

This appeared fine until the 26th endpoint was deployed, at which point the EMS server started logging every 5 minutes the same as what you have.

However, we were able to continue deploying endpoints and the number of licenses used incremented correctly.


Fortinet support advised restarting the EMS service on the underlying Windows server. I did this, as well as restarting the deployment service, and all is now fine - no more logs warning about deployment.


Hope this helps.

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