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Fortinet 60e 6.4 firmware - VLANs / Physical ports?



After looking here; It seems like you can get more bandwidth if you use more of the ports, for more VLANs? Is this correct? Also, looking at 6.4 configuration of Fortinet, it doesn't also look like you can assign VLANs per physical port?  I do however have something called "internal" which is made up of all the ports there. If I had say 15 VLANs, but connected five ports in (all in "internal") , would it be better if I connected say four cables into my switch from the firewall? Or just leave it with the one that I have now?



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Only change happened from the time of the referred conversation back in 2016 is now with 6.2 os or newer like 6.4, you can do Link Aggregation (LAG) with LACP for most of FGT models. You can combine multiple GigE ports into one link to connect to your switch. You can put all VLANs on it if you want. You jest need to create those VLAN subinterface on the LAG interface.


"internal" is there by default as a "hard-switch" port combining all 7 ports on the 60E. But it's not a LAG port but indiviual GigE ports but just sharing the same L3 interfaces like non-tagged interface and VLAN interfaces.


If you want to create a LAG port with 4 of totally 7 ports in internal, first you need to remove those four port from the "internal" hard-switch port, like internal1, .... internal4. Then you can put them into a LAG (in CLI create a new interface with "set type aggregate", the add those as members "set member "internal1"... "internal4"").

Check below manual/cookbook like below when you configure a LAG interface.



Thanks for that. This Fortinet appliance is put in a SOHO environment really. There isn't any real redundancy here, given that ultimately there is only one WAN connection and it's used in the home as well . The maximum amount of users that I'll see using this are maybe 15 users. Typically just five however

Would I really notice anything?

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Totally depending on applications between VLANs. But probably not.


Thanks. That's what i thought. Seems like it'd be a lot of ports used for not much gain in a SOHO environment, but good to know how to do it at least.

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