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FortiEDR 5.1.2 install on Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon (Solution provided)

Fortinet documentation for FortiEDR install on Ubuntu doesn't work out of the box on Linux Mint 21.2.


I tried the tenant customized approach but it didn't work. I had to change some parameters and installed manually.
The bootstrap part to register into the tenant didn't work.
I think If I fiddled with the $agent crypto bootstrap I might make it work. Maybe next time with more time.
So this setup might not be fully supported by Fortinet.

Anyway, it is possible to install the Tenant distribution successfully with the following steps.

  1. Copy the custom Linux Collector installer zip file, to the device. This file was downloaded from the provided link as described in Requesting and Obtaining a Collector Installer.

  2. Unzip using the following command:
    sudo unzip ./


  3. Extract the installer using the following command:
    sudo gunzip ./
  4. Change the installation script permission with the following command:
    sudo chmod 755 ./
  5. Run the following to extract all the files into a folder:
     sudo ./ --target ./edr
  6.  I then fooled the ./edr/ script by changing ID=linuxmint to ID=ubuntu in /etc/os-release
    and changed line 160 to
    apt install ./${agent}Installer_Ubuntu22.04-5.1.2-373.deb
    which is the version I had.
  7. Run the following to extract all the files into a folder:
     sudo /opt/FortiEDRCollector/scripts/
    and entered the necessary information on server, IP, Company and password to become registered in my tenant.
  8. Reset the /etc/os-release ID=linuxmint
  9. Reboot
  10. Check the tenant if it's online and comunicating.
    Detected as Linux Mint and all the version numbers are correct.


Maybe Fortinet will include Linux Mint into consideration in the future, as Mint is an Ubuntu with a dress.


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