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FortiAP 221B Unable to direct connect to default IP



I have a few old 221B's that I wanted to use to set up a temp wifi network. I connect to them direct with my PC. I can get the login page, and admin with no password (default) will attempt to go to the main page, then kicks right back out to the login screen. I have 3 units, they all do the same, they have all been reset to default.  Java and flash have been set to allow. Browsers are Chrome and Safari. 


Any ideas?

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First of all, did you set a static IP on your PC withing Then accessed it, right?

Did you try admin/admin? If the firmware is v5.0.9 or older, it's admin/admin. 5.0.10 or older admin/(no password).


Hi I have the same problem and done all the steps you have said but nothing is changing. Any ideas?

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