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FortiClientVPN for Mac

Dear all, I work for an organization that has a FortiGate D300 in use. This is provided by a service company and any question for help is pretty expensive. Also, I can't contact the FortiNet support, because I am not the owner of the FortiGate. There are hundreds of students in my organization who connect to our network by VPN to use the organizations IP to surf the web. It works pretty easy for the Windows users. And it works easy for Mac users ... IF ... they install FortiClientVPN 6.x So, you can imagine that it's a huge effort to explain hundreds of students how to get rid of FCVPN7.x in order to install FCVPN6.x. Even though we provided manuals etc. And I am afraid, that this bypass won't work forever. Because of this situation, I am afraid to tell all of them to configure system settings/network/CicsoSomething... Some experienced user might make it work, but I doubt that the majority of our students will manage it. Is anybody able to connect a Mac by simply using FortiClientVPN 7.x? Or, which settings do I have to set in the FortiGate?

Thank you very much in advance!




Hi jimhoon,


Below is a doc on Forticlient 7.0.0 (mac OS) . You probably need to allow few services under Security & Privacy


Can you try this and let  me know if that fixes the problem ?


Thank you,



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