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FortiClient printing problems

The problem is i can't print any files or test page when FortiClient is active. File goes to print job list but it's status is error. Everything works if i shut down FortiClient. Problem is with Windows 10 Pro and HP LaserJet 1536 printer. Already tried reinstalling drivers.

Are there any solutions for this problem?

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Can you ping the printer while connected to the VPN?  Do you have a route in your VPN configuration that overlaps with your local subnet?  Are you set for split tunnel or full tunnel?

-rd 2x 200D Clusters 1x 100D

1x 60D FortiOS 5.2 FortiAP 221C FAZ 200D

-rd 2x 200D Clusters 1x 100D 1x 60D FortiOS 5.2 FortiAP 221C FAZ 200D

I didn't even use VPN, but everything seems to work now. Installed older drivers. /Now printing works, but I can't scan if FortiClient is opened, if I shut down forticlient, it works. I tried to add HP scanning program folders to exclusion list, but no help.


Do you have 5.4.1 version?

I had the same issues with HP Laser Printers on Windows 10 and FCT 5.4.0.

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I have the same problem.


I am using FCT 5.4.1, Windows 10 and Epson printer.

No VPN tunnel.


When I shut down FortiClient everyting works fine.


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