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Problem with "Save password" "auto connect" "always aktive" Buttons :(



i have a very strange behaviour with FortiClient EMS 1.0.2 and FortiClient 5.4.1


There is only one Profile for all Clients i activated in Profile Remember Password, Always UP and Auto Connect Option.


so the Problem now, some Client do show this Buttons and some not... and i do not know why the hell is wrong.


if i download the FortiClient Profile of that Clients that do not show the Buttons, they have this Features disabled in their XML Profile there is 0 for that features.


if i download the FortiClient Profile of Client where this do show, these Features are enabled there with "1".


i do not understand that. The Client gets exactly the same Profile from EMS but some do show buttons and some not.

NSE 8 

NSE 1 - 7


NSE 8 NSE 1 - 7

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