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FortiClient on an Azure VM won't connect.

Hello people,

In need of help that documentation and googling was unable to help solve.

I'm in need of setting up FortiClient on a Virtual Machine hosted by Azure.

I've gone through FortiClients online documentation for prerequisite setup guides.
Enchanced IE Protection OFF
Firewall rules in place
File and Printer Sharing enabled
Remote Services enabled

A thousand other guides to make sure the VM is setup to handle these kind of connections (It is, we are currently using Citrix and Pulse).

I'm at a loss with FortiClient, I appear to have done everything correctly yet it still gives the me an error at %10 stating "Unable to establish the VPN connection/ The VPN server may be unreachable.

This has been tested on other PCs (Not VMs) and no issues.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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The ARM one, following the Fortinet Cookbook, I am now Trying to deploy the NGFW template following the Cookbook provided by Microsoft.


Hi @lexed,


Have you tried connecting from the web browser? You can run packet capture to see if it reaches the FortiGate or not. x.x.x.x is the public IP address of the VM. 


di sniffer packet any 'host x.x.x.x' 4 0 l 


If it reaches the FortiGate, you can run sslvpn debugs to see why it fails: 


di deb res 

di vpn ssl debug-filter src-addr4 x.x.x.x 

diagnose debug application sslvpn -1
diagnose debug enable



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