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FortiClient on Mac ARM with Windows 11 in parallels VM

When will there be an ARM64 Windows 11 version of the FortiClient VPN client be available?

I'm technical consultant working for many customers with many different VPN solutions. I'm using Windows under a Parallels Desktop VM to access those systems on a Macbook pro.

Now I switched to a new Macbook Pro with Apple M1 cpu which has an ARM64 architecture. So I'm now on Windows 11 ARM version. Cisco is the only VPN client (and those on virtual desktops) which is working in this constellation. I tried the 32 and 64 bit versions of the current windows FortiClients, none is working.

I think there has to be a new ARM Windows version with a new tap-module to solve the problem.

Has anyone a clue?


Best regards


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The description say: "could not find the text related to this error code",

"The certification entity is not valid or is not correct."

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Cannot find the text related with this error code

The certification entity is not valid or is not correct.


Captura de Pantalla 2023-03-03 a la(s) 6.00.20 p. m..png

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How can I put the follow Setting in the FortiClient App from Microsoft Store?


Captura de Pantalla 2023-03-04 a la(s) 2.12.16 p. m..png



I think the issue is that the Microsoft Store FortiVPN App only allows SSL VPN. IPSec VPN isn't supported by it. It's not an enterprise solution as far as I can tell.


Thankyou @Slartimitvar  for your answer, I went to the network administrator and we managed to get the configuration  done and it was set up correctly, all based on your comment.

Thankyou again!




How did you do IPSec VPN on Windows 11 ARM? It would help to provide data, not just say you got it working.


Nevermind, I see later you posted that you "got it working" by using SSL VPN instead of IPSec.



In the post I described the method that worked for me, I also commented that some permission settings provided by the network administrator are important.



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2023 and still no Arm64 Windows Zero Trust FortiClient.   If you landed here, like me and are frustrated that these solutions don't quite fit your use case.  I might have another solution for you. 

First - the Microsoft Store version of Forticlient can work but it can also be pretty finicky. It often put me in a reboot loop on startup trying to apply new drivers. The other problem is that the Windows Store version of the headless Forticlient driver-thing doesn't support ipsec -or- SSO-enforced SSL vpn connections. So, if your employer forces SSO on the VPN (which seems reasonable, especially to get MFA) then you can't connect anymore b/c that version doesn't have support for that feature.

Another workaround is this:

Install the VPN Client on your Host Mac.  (FortiClient for Mac does work on M-series processors) Swich parallels to shared network.

When you Establish your VPN connection Parallels will share the vpn routes to your Windows VM.

"But Shared networking in parallels isolates my Windows instance from the rest of the network", you might say.     Yes, straw man, yes it does.  But, if you need to access resources from the Windows Parallels VM, enable port forwarding for those services in the advanced networking features of the network config in parallels for that virtual NIC.

In my case, for instance,
 I RDP into the parallels VM routinely from a nicer machine because my employer provides terrible / cheap hardware that makes me die a little inside everytime I turn it on.  Enable port forwarding from host port 3389 to Your-Windows-VM port 3389 and then RDP into your Mac's IP address and it gets forwarded to the VM.  VOILA - you can almost forget about the employers' crappy hardware and Fortinet's insanely slow roll out of Arm64 Windows support.

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Same issue, after more than 2 years, are there any updates on this issue?


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