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FortiClient for Android O

We do a lot of mobile development so our users tend to be on OS previews/beta's a lot and the current FortiClient FC's on Android O (8.0) when you open it. Anyone aware of a beta or something for the client by chance that might work with Android O or a work around?


Thanks in advance!

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Please try build 163 in [link=][/link]

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Please try build 163 in [link=][/link]


Works like a charm Chris although I did notice two things, neither of which is a big deal but I thought I would mention them. 


1) Now has the camera permission in the manifest and I don't remember previous version having that?

2) App does not show up in Recents List, so you have to go back to it in your app drawer to disconnect from VPN. 


Wanted to say thank you! Having a solution this quickly is really awesome and very much appreciated. If there's anything you would like me to test, please let me know. 

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