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FortiClient auto updating itself without warning

Hi there!

Pretty new in the Fortinet world here, but I have managed to implement FortiClient for our largest customer, roughly around 250 machines overall, spread out on windows clients and servers.


My initial package was the 7.0.3 client, which has worked great, however, we experienced that suddently users started calling in saying their pc randomly rebooted, and now windows says they don't have antivirus any longer, After investigating, we found that FortiClient has upgraded itself to version 7.0.6.. And a couple of weeks late (today) it has now upgraded itself to version 7.0.7. I found in the EMS installer, There is a small Wing off, where I can disable "auto patch" I think it's called. Will this permanently disable the FortiClient for auto updating? We experienced that the forticlient also rebooted live production servers out of nowhere to upgrade itself, with zero warning.. this is a crazy way of running patching of the forticlient!!?

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There are settings in Forticlient to disable the auto-update. You can disable auto-update or can enable a warning prompt. 






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Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe
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