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dmz Migration


I have the below topology , I want to migrate all dmz and dc networks to site 2 .

In the site 1 there are two firewalls ASA and FORTIGATE .The perimeter firewall is asa . The Dmz network is on ASA and in the FG it is . There is A DMZ vdom in fortigate .

currently SITE 1 FG is Translating /24 to (Dmz serverIP'S)

Stage 1 : I want to move DMZ vdom from the SITE 1 -FG to and site -2 FG

Stage 2 : Remove ASA

How can I achieve this , any pros and cons

dmz migration.png


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You have to share more details on the design to tell you more 


1> IP addressing scheme/ VLAN details. 

2> Are the same VLAN's are already available in Site2 , as from the diagram it seems you can have same vlans extended being connected in same cores. 

3> You can plan to migrate based on vlans/subnets, By configuring a new gateway/interface IP on Fortigate and then changing the routes. 



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Hi @rosatechnocrat 

site1 the actual dmz ip which is natted with the external ip addresses are

on fortigate it is , so  I am translating (one to one ) to  

For example on ASA , natted to

and on fortigate it is nated again to


Between site 1 and 2 are l3 connectivity .