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FortiClient and WireGuard


The WireGuard server is working fine (Debian PiVPN). Clients can connect from Windows and Android. However, on one computer (Windows) where another VPN FortiClient ( is installed, the WG client does not work. The Handshake occurs, but there is no connection to the WG server (ping does not work).

Disconnecting FortiClient does not change the situation. There is no additional Firewall on that Windows PC. I disabled Windows Defender - nothing changed.
Is it possible to have FortiClient and WG client running on the same computer?


As I know WireGuard is a VPN client and practically you can't use two VPN clients simultaneously on a host. In theory you can but it will mess up the routing table, split tunnel is mandatory to be used on both VPNs and the logical interface on the OS should not overlap.

- Emirjon
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