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FortiClient and McAfee ENS

Hello.  We currently use McAfee ENS to protect our mobile endpoints, but are planning on deploying FortiClient as well to take advantage of the telemetry sharing between the fabric client and McAfee.  Has anyone had some recent experience on how well that works?  My expectation would be that with telemetry enabled on the clients, that if McAfee detects a threat then that information will get transmitted to the fabric via FortiClient.  We are planning on deploying EMS in the cloud so that we'll always be able to see the internet connected laptops, and my understanding is that FortiClient would transmit the McAfee event to EMS-Cloud, which would then transmit that to my edge FortiGate.  One last question is a NAC sort of question.  I'd like to configure FortiClient policy to check for the presence of McAfee on the endpoint before permitting ssl vpn.  Ideally I'd like to check DAT versions too, such as DAT can't be more than three days old.  But I'm not sure if FortiClient would have that level of knowledge of the state of the McAfee agent.  Any comments on that?  Thanks everyone for any info you may have!


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