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FortiClient VPN Questions


Noob questions here. What is the difference between FortiClient 6.0.10 and FortiClient VPN 6.4.1? I know that 6.0.10 has AV for free, whereas the VPN is just a VPN. Is there a recommended version? I have noticed that split-dns does not work in 6.4.1 for SSL-VPN, but works in 6.0.10. I had opened a ticket with TAC, and all that came if it was they noted it was a bug in 6.4.1

Also, has anyone gotten FTM push to work for IPSec VPN for remote access using FortiClient? I get the push notification, but accepting it does not seem to make it back to the FTM interface on the WAN. Also, typing in the code just re-pushes out the FTM auth.

Thanks again. router login 192.168.l.l

6.4.9 is latest release in 6.4.X. Why are you still using 6.4.1?


Yes 6.0.X had lots of features but those are now moved to paid version provided by FortiClient EMS.


FortiClient VPN is free version for VPN-only.

FortiClient is paid version with all features, managed by EMS server.


For FTM push issues please upgrade to 6.4.9 and see if it works.

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