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FortiClient (PPP) Static IP? FortiGate 100D

Hello gentlemen,


We have some special users that log in remotely using FortiClient to the network in the site.


We would like a method to assign those users a static IP here.


I'm a complete novice in terms of Networking, but this seems like a tougher configuration that even other ITs have not been able to do. Most guides I find about static IP, assign the IP via MAC Address, but in this case, since it is a point to point protocol, we don't really have a MAC Address. I'm looking for some alternative that will allow us to assign an IP either via the user or some other method.


Best regards!



and welcome to the forums.


There are at least 2 methods which come to my mind:

1- DHCP over IPsec, with reserved addresses (via MAC)

2- static IP defined in FC


After establishing a tunnel the FC can communicate the MAC address and request an IP via DHCP. I haven't tested this in practice yet but I'd expect the DHCP server to offer a 'reserved address' section just like with regular DHCP.



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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

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