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FortiClient EMS - changing the name of the Host

hi friends, a question:

to consult about changing the name of the Host where the installation of FortiClient Endpoint Management Server is located

it will still work or you need to reinstall EMS ?



- Change Hostname .
- Set 'Listen to IP' to All
- Change 'use FQDN' to the new fqdn.
- Change Custom hostname to the new Hostname.

Be aware that you need to change the FQDN by  "Managed by EMS" in EMS > Deployment & Installers > FortiClient Installer > for the package in question .

You would try and download this installer from you're EMS and deploy on a new endpoint and see if it is connecting to the correct Telemetry server.
Be aware that you might have endpoint connectivity issues.


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Hello, thanks for answering. I was changing the hostname of the server where my ems console was installed. By making this change we had no impact on the endpoints, it is currently working normally.

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