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FortiClient EMS + Antivirus

The FortiClient licenses we have appear to include antivirus licenses but I can't find much info on it. I can't find any settings related to antivirus in the EMS (Endpoint Management Server). Does anyone have any experience deploying antivirus protection from the EMS? Lots of our licenses are due for renewal soon so I'm considering using FortiClient antivirus as a replacement for ESET.

Can't find much info about AV generally really. Is it just invisibly built-in? There is a vulnerability scan, but when I opened my panel just now the last scan was in January for some reason ... plus from what I've seen it seems to be more about CVE type vulnerabilities than 'viruses', but maybe that's not a meaningful distinction. Does it actually do active scanning like ESET would?

Thanks for any info.


Hi Hayanajen,


Is your current license ZTNA license?

You will need EPP license if you want Antivirus feature.


Antivirus feature is configured under "Malware Protection" tab: