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FortiClient SSL VPN issue on Mac OSX

Hello All,


I'm having 2 SSL VPNs created for access to servers through 2 different Fortinet Firewalls. This has been working fine in Windows OS without any issues (multiple VPN profiles in single PC). I've configured both SSL VPNs in Mac OSx 10.14 (Mojave - Macbook Air) & Mac OSx 10.15 (catalina - Macbook pro). After connecting the first VPN, the second one won't connect, throws error "Insufficient Credentials". However, credentials are correct. Once I reboot Mac, the second one will connect. After disconnecting this, the first one won't connect. It seems that VPN gets highjacked even after I initiated disconnection on whichever VPN that connects first. 


I tested this in Mac OSx 10.13 (High Sierra - Mac Mini) and it works without any issues. Is there any known compatibility issues with Mac OSX 10.14/10.15 & FortiClient SSL Any workarounds available?


Thanks in advance

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When you mean credentials the same user? trying to login in twice ? But from two different machines ?


Are you restricting the total number of logins ?


Ken Felix




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No, 2 different VPN profiles, same issue observed in 2 different machines.


For example VPN A profile & VPN B profile (both SSL). I connect in VPN A first, disconnect it and then try to connect VPN B. I get error as "Insufficient Credentials". After restarting Mac, I can connect VPN B with same credentials without any issue. But, when I disconnect it and try to connect VPN A, I get error as "Insufficient Credentials". 

Whichever VPN I connect first, will work. Error happens only when I disconnect it and connect the 2nd VPN profile.


The issue is not happening in Mac 10.13 - both VPNs work without any issues. Only on Mac OSX10.14 & 10.15, the issue shows up.

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Any help in this further?


Does it support only one VPN profile in Mac?




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