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FortiClient 5.6 silent upgrade?

Anyone have the switches or a way to silent upgrade to 5.6? 


I'm also looking for a silent install method that would let me have the client auto added to my EMS server. (support was no help)



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Just an FYI, the 5.6 installer forces the Security Fabric Agent (AV) which may be unacceptable for some (or most). 


I can do .exe or .msi - what ever will work.  Not sure where to get the new MSI tho - has the new client packager been released?

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@jdavies FYI the security fabric is not the AV component and can co-exist happily with other AV vendor software.


You can find all downloads in here


I use only MSI for silent install, some of the switches that you can use are:

ADDLOCAL=Feature_Core,Feature_Basic ETC

You can add features that u use only, using switch ADDLOCAL=


This switch will install group of features. For more details about features and levels look at attached screenshot.

Note that chosen level will install under levels as well.


For Silent install use /QN

For no restart use /NORESTART


There are a lot of other switches but this ones I find most useful.


Hope this will help




miloss wrote:

You can find all downloads in here

I looked all over the downloads section but I cannot find the MSI, can you give a direct link to it?

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it's in the zip packages.

Cannot provide direct link - all downloads are javascripted.

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Per the Forticlient 5.6 documentation:


FortiClient Configurator Tool, which is used to create custom installers, will be available for download for free from Fortinet Developer Network (FNDN) site ([link][/link]


This is different from FortClient versions 5.4.3 and earlier which required you to have a FortiClient license in order to use the full featured FortiClient Configurator Tool, but you did not need a FNDN account.


A few issues though. You need 2 sponsors to setup a FNDN account. The tool should give you an MSI file, but I'm not sure what the switches would be. I would try the standard MSI switches first "msiexec /qn /i forticlient.msi"



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