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FortiAuth - Deployment



I have been looking into the documentation, but I still have no idea how can I deploy the FortiAuth agent in an active directory environment, with hundreds of machines, without using third party tools.


Fortinet official documentation only mentions the manual installation, using the exe, which then has to be configured manually. Then, they also talk about the parameters we can use via CMD to install the .exe & apply configurations to it, but there are no references on how to deploy it “automatically”. This is super impractical for environments with hundreds of machines.


The documentation also says this:

"The Agent can also be installed via GPO. As the MSI file is not yet available, this can be done using the CLI install options /VERYSILENT and /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES."


But as far as I know, you can't deploy .exe's via GPO.


What is the best way of deploying it on the domain machines without user intervention?


(With a MSI this would be much easier...)


Thank you!!!


Not an AD or GPO expert but looks like you can deploy .exe via GPO using script:

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