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FortiAnalyzer trial + FortiGate Trial

Hi I have a 2 fortigates (trial) and a fortianalyzer (trial) in which I am trying to setup a test Security Fabric.


both fortigates and the fortianalyzer are on the same vlan and can reach eachother, All protocols are enabled on the interface.

But I cannot get the logging from the fortigate to the fortianalyzer to work when I am using a trial. 


It keeps on saying it is not possible to connect to the fortianalyzer. But from the fortigate, ping works and ssh works towards the same IP of the fortianalyzer.


For the fortimanager i needed to add this to the config on the fortimanager to make it work with a trial fortigate


config system global set enc-algorithm low set fgfm-ssl-protocol tlsv1.0

does anyone know what needs to be done to make a trial fortigate and a trial fortianalyzer to work together ?




Wouter Bon





Dear Customer,

Please check the below link for the troubleshooting :


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