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FortiAP connected to 2 VDOMs with 2 SSID

I have the same needs as that topics

I need 2 VDOM one IT and one OT and both will need their separate SSID on a single AP.

The thing I plan to do is to have a switch between the Gate and the AP and have One VLAN for the IT and one VLAN for the OT. THE AP will be connected in a trunk port and both Vlan will then be connected to respectivaly IT and OT virtual switch.

Do you think it is feasible?


Thanks Dan





As I said in the previous thread you referred to, it would be possible with tunnel mode SSIDs but probably not possible with bridge mode SSID since nobody replied in the thread.



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Just an update.

I make it work this Weekend . I have 3 SSID in my AP that is connected to a small TPlink switch.

IT bridge no vlan, OT bridge to VLAN 3 and Guest bridge to VLAN 99


Then in the Fortigate:

IT VDOM (ROOT), I used a software switch with Vlan 99 configured. so IT in the TPlink switch is configured as native vlan untagged and guest as vlan 99 tagged. 

OT VDOM is connected to the switch port with vlan 3 so the SSID end up to the OT VDOM.



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