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FortiAP compatibility

Hi i am trying to upgrade a FortiGate 500D from v6.0.11 to v6.4.9. i have 3 models ( FP112B, FP112D, FP224D ) of FortiAPs connected to this firewall. i am afraid some of them wont work after upgrade. i have tried to find the compatibility from fortinet documents but unable to find any. Can someone help me with this? i need to know if the mentioned models APs will work with FortiOS 6.4.9

Hey verdas,

you should find some information on FortiAP compatibility in the release notes; the main point is if the firmware includes a profile for the FortiAP. The D models should be compatible, but I'm not sure about the B model.

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FortiOS release notes just say FAP's compatible firmware versions. So you have to figure out if the compatible firmware is available for your particular FAPs. The 6.4.9's release notes say below:


FortiAP     5.4.2 and later
                   5.6.0 and later




Here are the FortiAP release notes for 5.4.2:
FP112B is in fact listed as a supported model for the firmware version, so FortiOS 6.4.9 should support FP112B :).

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Should be able to make them work. Make sure CAPWAP(or Security Fabric) is enable on the interface(s) they are connected to. 


It may just be a CAPWAP check box also, I can't remember. 

Also, you can also try setting the following:

 config system global
    set ssl-static-key-ciphers enable
    set strong-crypto disable

execute wireless-controller restart-acd



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