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FortiAP 221E status disconnected after Update Fortigate to 6.2.1

May be someone can give some debug command?

the only failure i can see is from this command:

diagnose wireless-controller wlac -c wtp

last failure : 12 -- AC daemon reset timer expired


The topology is very simple FortiOS > FrotiSwitch>FortiAP,

After update the fortigate to 6.2.1 it can authorize the fortiap but status stay disconnected.


thanks in advance.

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The workaround until forti will fix is to add Access Point network to trusthost on the admin account.

For me the workaround is worked.

But better open support case to get online update directly form Forti Support.



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Hi All,


I had the same issue after upgrading my firewall to 6.4.8 all APs went offline.

@johnl's solution solved my issue.
thank you very much



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