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Force Fortiauthenticator to use another login to connect to AD

I have installed new Fortiauthenticator 6.0.3, just finished basic network configuration and get access to the GUI. So first step i have configured remote LDAP to connect to the AD with the certain login and password. But in logs i have got an errors - "Failed to join Windows AD network: MYDOMAIN" and login there is - "Admin". Why it is trying to connect to remote LDAP as admin if I explicitly specified a specific username and password that not is Admin?

 I have setted up password in: Authentication -> Remote Auth Servers -> LDAP -> My Server -> Windows Active Directory Domain AUthentication

I have set  domain name, domain realm and domain NETBIOS name for the host, so there is i have setted up a login and password to connect to AD.



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Do you have the machine joining of the domain ? Can you go to monitor >  Authentication and check that it's joined to the Windows AD > and The screen bock should show join. The cfg you posted is for that part of the authenticator.




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For an LDAP to work you do not need to have "Windows Active Directory Domain Authentication" set. That's very useful for Kerberos auth used for EAP type of authentications, for example in 802.1x and WiFi clients.


Another issue is that setting is not correct.

- Kerberos Realm is usually domain, like whole domain, name .. like ALFA.EXAMPLE.COM

- Domain NetBIOS name is also UPPERCASE and case sensitive .. in my example it would be  ALFA

- then admin name is just 'username' no UPN, which seems to be OK in your case, just make sure that such admin is at least member of Domain Join allowed group, better Domain Admins or Administrators.

Then it should work.

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How about the FortiAuthenticator NetBIOS name:, how we can find this name or how we create this name.

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Did you solved this problem, I have a problem with FortiAuthenticator NetBIOS name:, how we can find this name or how we can create this name?

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