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FWF-60E/F OEM white 2/5Ghz antenna - where to get them!?

replacement OEM white 2/5Ghz FWF-60E/F antenna - where to get them!?!


I hit up Forti TAC of the official part number for these antennas and they said they are not available from Fortinet, and they don't even have a part number!!! Need RP-SMA omni, 7" swivel-base, 2.4/5Ghz antennas.


Does anyone have a source to buy them? I'm not looking for knock-off junk, but I would purchase quality non-Forti versions if the Forti OEM is not available.


I found something similar on AMZ, but not quite sure of its quality:


thx in advance!


tag: wifi, antenna, white, swivel, rp-sma


The antennas can't be bought separately from Fortinet, and using other antennas may not work. You may be lucky by getting one from a damaged unit.


Speaking of the alternative available antennas, they may not be optimized to work with the device even if they may fit well. Officially the use of 3rd party antennas (or parts) is not recommended as it may cause permanent damage to the device, but personally, if they fit properly and the range is acceptable to you, that's the way to go. It's quite rare though that the antenna is lost (or damaged), so maybe someone else can tell which one actually fits as replacement.

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