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Better Fortiextender FEX-511F choice for 5G? AT&T vs VZ

Hey all, I've been having great luck with the 5G FortiExtender FEX-511F and T-Mobile even though they don't officially support the device.  However, I just ran into an issue with a deployment to a new data center where T-Mobile has absolutely zero coverage for some reason, like even an outside high gain antenna finds no signal.


Between AT&T and Verizon, was curious if anyone has found one or the other better with the FEX for performance in a data center environment?  Perhaps one of them supports frequency bands that better penetrate data center noise and walls.




Ehh depends 100% on the location.  Impossible to say.  There are many companies out there who will do a cellular site survey for you.

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It sounds like you've had a good experience with the 5G FortiExtender FEX-511F and T-Mobile, but running into coverage issues at the new data center is a challenge. When it comes to choosing between AT&T and Verizon for better performance in a data center environment, it really does depend on your specific location and the frequency bands supported by each carrier.

Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Location-Specific Performance: As one member mentioned, the performance can vary greatly depending on your exact location. Coverage maps can give a general idea, but they don't always account for the unique conditions within a data center.

  2. Frequency Bands: Both AT&T and Verizon support different frequency bands. Verizon often has better penetration in buildings due to their lower frequency bands, but this can vary. It's worth checking which frequency bands your FortiExtender supports and comparing them with the bands used by AT&T and Verizon in your area.

  3. Cellular Site Survey: Given the critical nature of reliable connectivity in a data center, it might be worth investing in a professional cellular site survey. This can provide detailed insights into which carrier offers the best coverage and performance in your specific environment.

  4. Carrier Support: Ensure that the carrier you choose provides good support for your device and any potential troubleshooting you might need.

Ultimately, if you can't determine the best option through research and coverage maps, a site survey might be the most reliable way to make an informed decision.

Lautaro Nores
Lautaro Nores

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