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FSSO and switch user / fast user switching

We have 5.4.4 and FSSO (AD) on our Windows computers. We had to disable fast user switching because FSSO didn't always pick the right profile when the users switched on that computer. However, we have a few people who are asking if it's a possible to allow fast user switching again. Does anyone know if the latest 5.4.4 FG/FSSO works with fast user switching yet? I saw another thread about admin users using fast user switching and then the admin profile ended up under the switched regular user, and the solution then was just to ignore the Admin account on the FSSO configuration, but our issue isn't just one user, it's a lot of different users in groups who need different profiles.   TIA, Michelle
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Ignore accounts like admin accounts etc and then make it to where the cache on the FSSO agent times out so it rechecks faster. This helps it recheck the domain (whereas it may stay for 45 minutes or whatever the default is)

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