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FSSO and multiple network connections

I' m curious if anyone has run into this problem and if so, what have they done to fix it? (v4 MR3 P8) I have FSSO configured and it has been working properly now for several years. However, in the last few years more and more wireless connections are being made available to our users. We have implemented group policy to configure our wireless adapters to authenticate users using 802.1x and PEAP to allow authenticated users access directly onto our corporate wireless network and keeping guest users separate. The problem we have is that with this setup, users frequently use both wireless and wired connections simultaneously as they generally forget to disable their wireless connections. This seems to present a problem with FSSO. It seems (this is a bit of an educated guess) that when a user authenticates they may source from either the wireless or the wired connection resulting in a event log entry that is monitored by the collector agent. However, sometimes when a user later goes to the internet, the traffic sources from the other adapter' s IP address. This seems to confuse the FSSO system and the user ends up with Guest access even though they are authenticated. I know this is a lot of info...but has anyone run into this? Thoughts/Suggestions?
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[Could this be a record for oldest thread resurrected from the dead?!?!]

Hi @MikeMo,

Don't suppose you remember if you found a fix for this and what it was? I'm seeing the same problem right now.



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