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FSSO and Mac OS X

Running 5.2.1 with agent-based FSSO set up against Active Directory (all DCs are running 2012 R2). All DCs have the agent installed and logins from Windows machines are properly seen by the FortiGate. Policies work against user groups and all is working well. But I wouldn' t be on here if everything was perfect, would I? :) So let' s throw some Macs (all running Yosemite, 10.9.5) into the mix. All are bound to AD. However, FSSO doesn' t see the AD logins from the Macs. We were told by Fortinet support that as long as a user logs in and maps a network share, then FSSO will see their login. This is not the case. Does anyone have FSSO working with Mac AD authentication? Can anyone shed some light into this for us? Much appreciated!
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Macs are becoming login to AD or LDAP come out? FSSO MAC machines that understand how to do logging in the AD. For MAC users in the firewall rules, as more sense to use LDAP.

Tuncay BAS RZK Muhendislik Turkey NSE 4 5 6 FCESP v5

Tuncay BAS RZK Muhendislik Turkey NSE 4 5 6 FCESP v5

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