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FGT100F cw_acd issue

HI everybody, 


I'm really really really ...... in deep sh...t. 

I have 2xFGT 100F with HA managing FortiAPs (221C, 221E, 421E and 431F). 

Since 7.0.3 fortiOS version cw_acd process rise 99% CPU and all AP's disconnect. 


Fortinet Technical support told me to wait for fw updates 7.0.6 

i have installed 7.0.6 and no change happens. 


Only solution : #diag sys kill 9 <cw_acd ID> 


Then FortiAP's reconnect but not a very long time. 


If anyone can give me some advices ?


thx !


FortiAP FortiGate 



I am also running 7.0.6 with a few FortiSwitches and FortiAPs and have not see any issues with that process yet.  Was there a specific bug ID or cause for the CPU spike in that process that was referenced in your TAC case?



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